The PAR+ PRO is Here!

The PAR+ PRO is Here!

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The PAR+ PRO is Here!

Introducing the latest in performance, efficiency and photon distribution....the new and improved PAR+ PRO range is here and causing a real stir!

Many of you will already be familiar with the PAR+ brand; some of you will have seen our original version for sale in your local grow shop. As we've grown from strength-to-strength and the market continues to change, we've endeavoured to streamline the design and manufacturing process to bring you a new generation. So here it is... an unbeatable combination of quality, value-for-money and performance, all in one very smart package!

PAR + 465 PRO


PAR+ 240 PRO 


We went to great lengths in the design process to give you the absolute best combination of performance and value that we think it’s genuinely possible to offer. As well as offering some well thought-out unique features, all of our lighting systems go through a final assembly process and rigorous quality control in the UK by trained technicians before leaving us. Let's take a look at these main features below...



Featuring an astonishing number of LEDs, enhanced with additional high-quality deep and far red diodes, our PAR+ 465 PRO boasts 3328 Samsung mid power diodes and 56 deep/Far reds, while the PAR+ 240 PRO uses exactly half of the same diodes (1664 and 28 respectively). Both of these lights are able to provide an impressive distribution of both light and intensity over their recommended canopy areas. The increased diode count being shared on each board means that each diode is running less current, which greatly increases LED lifespan.


The 465 PRO has been designed to match the output of a traditional 600w HPS but with an improved spread; so is ideal for 1m x 1m to 1.2m x 1.2m footprints, while the 240 PRO will take care of an area equivalent to a 315CMH - around 80cm x 80cm (or about half the area of the 465). Take a look below at some PAR maps we've taken for the PAR+ PRO 465 so you can get an idea:


Featuring a splash proof coating to protect diodes and make for easy-cleaning, the protective silicone provides a level of protection that traditional bare diodes simply don't have, making the entire fixture safer for the user while insulating less heat than a hard lens would. 


With a linear dimmer that can take your lights all the way down to OFF, growers will have the flexibility to adapt to specific growing situations as they change. You'll have full control to select the exact intensity you want with a linear dimmer and won't be limited to a few power options. This is a feature we're fast seeing become essential for optimal results. Our dimmers allow you to connect multiple PAR+ PRO lights together and dim from a single dimmer source using the built in RJ ports. These come as standard, so buying more than one light will not require any additional parts to synchronise them together.


Powered by a single, remotely mounted and disconnectable MeanWell driver. Many others are unnecessarily choosing to mount the driver on top of a plate style heatsink, which not only massively increases the hanging weight but also increases the total fixture temperature, reducing life-span. 
This light also has total of 5m cable length from the plug to your light (2.5m either side of driver). Should you need even more distance from your plug, we offer 2m and 5m extension cables (sold separately) at a fair price.
 All connectors are waterproof for your safety.




We're so confident in the performance and longevity of our products that we offer a 5 Year warranty as standard with all our PAR+ PRO lights. Additionally, we're on hand to provide any further information or support should you need it - whether aftersales or trade customer support. After all, that's the source of our reputation and success that has brought us to where we are now.
We hope you'll appreciate the unbeatable price-vs-performance this new LED range offers. When combined with the build quality and aftersales support, we know that once you've got one, you'll never look back!
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